Hi Dr. West,

It's been almost 4 months since you came and gave us advice.... and we'll be waiting for your next visit in January. It's worth waiting and patience.... It worked and is still working. 

My husband resigned from his job and got a better offer in Torrance and worked for 5 weeks only...because the previous company called (many times) and offered him more than what he had been offered by the new company plus a $10,000.00 annual bonus that is included in the deal.  I was shocked! He thought about you and he said "It's worth waiting Dr. West". Our refi application went through...it's processing right now.  My children are doing great, they're back in school.  I can feel the peacefulness now and we have an additional family member - our pet poodle.  My husband promised me to have a new water fountain with koi fish and definitely put it on the spot where you advised. Please don't forget to put us on your next year's schedule to prepare for the new cycle.Thanks so much!

--Juliana L., Carson, CA

My sister and I inherited our childhood home, a cute little place in a nice neighborhood. At first undecided on whether to keep the place or sell we rented it out while we thought about it. It wasn't long before we realized we did not care to be landlord so the tenant moved on and the house went up for sale . It was in good shape, in a good area and fairly priced. Our agent told us it was a sellers market and should sell quickly. Well six months went be and not one offer had been made. Our agent insisted it was priced right and had no idea why it hadn't sold or eve generated interest. So, we decided to give Feng Shui a try.  Dr. West said that we needed to stir up or activate the area directly in front of the house. He said we needed movement and suggested placing a windmill or similar thing near the front walkway leading to the front door. Our agent sheepishly pounded 3 large daisy-like windmills picked up from the local home improvement center. He too, was willing to try just about anything. WE HAD 3 OFFERS IN LESS THAN A WEEK, after taking Dr. West's advice. (This was in a buyers market) We are convinced Dr. West's advice did the trick...and so is our agent!

--M & J, Gardena, CA


Dear Dr. West,

We want to thank you for all your Feng Shui advice over the years especially given our recent situation. As you know we did everything you said, especially when you told us when to "cause a big commotion" where and when. We put up the water feature and as you know we received a million dollar account. Then, to our horror, our fountain was stolen! We were shocked even more when we were told our biggest account ever decided to "change their focus", we lost that account. We called you immediately, did exactly as you told us, new fountain, at the exact the exact time and place, got an order even bigger than the one we lost. You know we're believers, we've been having you do our Feng Shui as we've moved to bigger and bigger locations but this last incident put it into real prospective. Thanks Dr. West, keep giving us those dates and times, we're believers!

--R & M, Santa Fe Springs, CA


Dear Roger, 

It's that time of the year again! Nick and I would like you to come out and Feng Shui our house as well as our business. For the past month we have felt as if our lives are in upheaval. Somewhere, somehow our Feng Shui needs serious tweaking. For a long time I have meant to write a testimonial about what you have done for us, this seems like the opportune time. Give us a call so we can schedule your visit. Thanks for everything. 

--Jo, Huntington Beach, CA

Dr. West, 

In March my husband and I were looking at bankruptcy. We had bought a small manufacturing firm the year before and the previous owner had alienated and taken advantage of his customers, so that when we took over we were faced with the task if trying to win them back. Nothing we did seemed to make any difference and as a last resort I called Dr. West. I had never heard of Feng Shui, and my husband(the worlds greatest skeptic) had no desire to look into it. After the first visit, we followed Dr. Wests instructions as best we could. Business picked up and we realized we could take a chance and move closer to home. This time we set our manufacturing facility up according to Roger's suggestions and more importantly, we got rid of a lot of junk and improved our "Chi". Within 2 months we doubled what we had made the prior year. But, this is what really removed our last bit of doubt, Dr West told us to move my Husbands desk before Feb 5th, we never got around to it, and on Feb. 12th the window behind his desk was smashed and hi laptop was stolen, it held all our records and formulas. From then on we do as Dr. West suggests. 

--J.N. Cerritos, CA



I began working with Dr. West in February of 2017. I contacted him because I had gotten ill 3 times the previous fall, and I had just moved to a new business location and wanted it to be a success. I asked for help with my health, my family’s health, success in my business and a smooth transition for my husband’s career change, as well as improving family relationships.

Fast forward 18 months: I bought a building for my business because I’ve more than doubled my business (more than 100% increase in business), my marriage has never been better (14 years, seriously it is better than its ever been, and it was pretty good to begin with!), and I feel full of vitality and health even though I’m working quite a bit more these days. My husband has successfully transitioned into a new career where he is thriving and growing. My daughter is thriving in school and with friends. Sometimes I pinch myself because I never thought such a lovely and flowing life was possible. But here it is.

Some people may think we are “just lucky” but we have never been “just lucky”. There are times we’ve worked equally hard without the same results—I truly credit the feng shui consultations I have done with Dr. West for our home and my business for our good fortune. Now, we have also worked hard in these areas, but opportunities that we could have never imagined have been presenting themselves over the past 18 months. I consider the kind of feng shui Dr. West does a deep form of healing— like getting acupuncture for your home or office. Things flow. My patients remark on how amazing my clinic feels, my patients get better faster and easier. This is living in the flow of Qi in this world, and I feel full of gratitude to work with such a gifted feng shui practitioner as Dr. West.

Julie Bear Don’t Walk