Dr. West has been a student of Chinese philosophy, martial arts, meditation and healing arts for over 45 years. He has given instruction in various Chinese martial arts as well as Tui Na and acupressure and has taught and lectured about Feng Shui to thousands of people. His early instruction in Chinese healing arts became the impetus for his pursuit of a doctor's degree in Chiropractic to utilize his skills in Chinese physical medicine.

Dr West was introduced to Feng Shui over a quarter century ago by Master Hsu Hong Hsi. He received a firm foundation in Form School, Yin-Yang, Five Element and Eight Trigram theories. In 1991 Dr. West began in depth study of traditional Feng Shui and became a senior student of Master Larry Sang, founder of the American Feng Shui Institute. Dr. West has continued his studies, most recently with Master Peter Leung of the School of Chinese Metaphysics. Dr. West's years of experience enable him to test and apply feng shui techniques in the context of our modern western lifestyle. His clients benefit from his practical and effective advice. 

Dr. West served as a senior instructor for the American Feng Shui Institute for several years and helped train many of the students who have gone on to become successful practitioners in Los Angeles, Ca and beyond.

Dr. West has been featured in various publications such as Feng Shui for Modern living (United Kingdom), Marie Claire (Italy), The Awareness Magazine and Wind-Water Magazine (Los Angeles) and the Daily Breeze Newspaper (Southern California).