In a nutshell, every 15 degrees on the compass, coupled with the year built will yield a  Xuan Gong Fei Xing (flying star) feng shui chart.  There are over 300 flying star charts and every building will fall under one of those charts and every chart will belong to one of four categories.  Good for people and good for money (of course this is the best), good for people bad for money, bad for people and good for money, bad for people and bad for money. The last three conditions can usually be remedied. These are the overall conditions affecting the building. Then there are specific energetic patterns in each of the eight directions and each of those have 3 subdivisions to be considered in balancing the 5 element interactions occurring in that location. Doorways, main entrance (one used the most is the "Qi Mouth"), bed location and orientation, toilet locations, etc. These patterns can be activated by physical form as well as actual placement of the proper element to effect the desired reaction. So physical form/shape is very important, for example, let's say in the master there is flying star interaction of earth dominating water, this could manifest as ear, kidney, bladder or relationship problems.  But it's only a potential and only manifests if "triggered" by fire or earth.  Like a tall power pole, or transformer outside in the same compass direction, a fire shape in the room itself like triangular shapes, or even the color red in that area could be enough to pull the trigger and manifest the reaction.  So we use the placement of the proper element in the specific compass location to harmonize the 5 element interaction.  Then we can activate good areas, turn a potentially negative area into a good area, minimize/cancel a negative area.  There are many techniques to manipulate these potentials, particularly in conjunction with the Xuan Gong Da Gua/Nayin Date Selection Calendar( I attached some general info regarding date selection).  There are techniques like "Push Money", "Castle Gate"(for money), Welcome Wealth", 5 Ghosts Carry Money, 24 different "Water Dragon" (placement) techniques, romance techniques and so on. Of course we will apply the appropriate technique to a given situation to promote health relationship and prosperity.


 A to scale floorplan of the property.

An accurate compass reading of the face of the property.

When the property was built, and the dates of any major remodels.

Photos of both the inside and outside of the property. 

The birth dates of the occupants.


You will be emailed further information about the basics of Feng Shui.

A phone conference to go over the results and remedies of the reading. 

Your personalized Feng Shui Chart. 

30 days of follow up support.